The most efficientcollection service on the market.

Do you ship eCommerce orders from your shops? Optimise your collections with Wing. We collect your multi-carrier packages in a few clicks.

Ship your eCommerce orders
from your shops without any

In the age of omnichannel logistics, shipping eCommerce orders from your shops has become standard. However, offering the same level of service as from a warehouse is a constant headache and too often forces you to make compromises. With Wing, don't waste time at the post office or waiting for different carriers on a daily basis. Just call up a collection and we will hand over all your parcels to your partner carriers who will take care of the delivery to your customers.
Who said anything about compromise? 

Expand your sales at lower cost.

Thanks to Wing, Ship from Store logistics is no longer a problem but part of a real growth process.

Take full advantage of your shop inventory to develop your eCommerce sales and boost your turnover.

Train your sales staff to handle a parcel and optimise your shops' hollows to prepare eCommerce orders.

Maintain consistency between orders leaving your warehouses and orders leaving your shops.

Don't waste any more time.

Queuing at the post office to drop off the day's orders? Waiting for your various carriers to come and collect your parcels?

Your time is too valuable for that!

With Wing, benefit from a daily collection from your shops. We collect orders from all your carriers at once. Thanks to our urban logistics platforms and our dispatch solution, we deliver all your orders to your partner carriers' networks.

The end of the hassle and the beginning of a new era for your shops. 

Simply track your orders.

Benefit from a permanent follow-up on your orders from collection to delivery to your customer.

With our platform, track all your shipments and easily manage the various deliveries to your end customer.

Take advantage of a national and international network of carriers.

No need to negotiate your transport rates and multiply contracts and collections with several carriers.

From our urban warehouses, we have a network of high-performance last-mile partners.
Offer your customers a wide choice of delivery options.

- Standard Delivery D+1/2
- Express Delivery D+1
- Delivery Point Relay
- International Delivery
- Green Delivery on slots

Deliver to your customers from your shops.
Increase your sales.

Treat yourself to the best in ship from store logistics.

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