On-demand Logistics.

You've come out a crowdfunding or marketing campaign and have
hundreds of orders to ship ? We receive your products and take care of all your shipments.

The solution for shipping your products.

Gifting / Kitting

Quick and easy integration of your shipments.

We have supported thousands of brands and
merchants for one-off operations since our launch.

Our team will assist you in integrating your orders into
our platform.

World class logistics.

Our packaging experts are using specific techniques that ensure a maximum protection for your products until final delivery.

From custom branded boxes to free plain packaging, Wing works with you to provide the unboxing experience you want.


Boxes are recyclable with LNE accreditation.

An international network of

Benefit from the best available delivery standards for your orders. Your customers are sure to receive their parcels on time.

We ship in more than 180 countries.

Track each shipment in real time, from the picking in our warehouse to the delivery to your client. If you would like to report an issue with your parcel, you can open a ticket directly from our platform.


Accuracy rate in shipping your orders.


Monthly one-off operations in
our Fulfillment center.


Days between shipping and delivery of your orders.

"Wing managed 100% of our
shipments with remarkable
quality and high speed."